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We are experienced in developing safe and responsive websites with the best WordPress web browsing experience.

WordPress Website Design & Development Company Qatar

As a top WordPress website design company in Qatar, We strive to provide the best WordPress website browsing experience. We achieve this by delivering comprehensive, goal-oriented solutions that meet your needs. Through the combination of proven methodologies, innovation, and flexibility, we can provide our clients with the most effective solutions at an affordable cost to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Why Choose PaPaYaQatar?

Choose a Partner That Gets the Job Done.
There are dozens of reasons to choose us, but we will list down six.

Certified WordPress Developers

Our certified team of WordPress designers and developers are experienced and passionate about what they do. Our team works on each project with total commitment, superseding your expectations.

Competitive Pricing

With us, you get the best WordPress development services at competitive rates. We aim to deliver an ROI on every project, regardless of its scale, scope or size.

Rich Experience

We have extensive experience developing excellent, responsive, high-converting WordPress websites for clients across diverse industry verticals. Over the years, we have worked on various projects of different complexities and sizes.

Delivery on Time

Time is of the essence when it comes to WordPress development services. And that’s precisely why we make sure that all projects are delivered to the clients promptly. Each project is initiated with a detailed timesheet to ensure timely delivery.

Customized and Full Scale Services

With us, you don’t have to go anywhere else as we offer you top-of-the-line and full-scale services customized according to your project needs and requirements. From theme customization to plugin development, we can assist you with them all, making your business more adaptable to the latest trends.

Customer-Focused Work Approach

Unlike other companies, we follow a customer-focused work approach. We don’t impose what we know instead, we strive to develop a solid understanding of what you want and your business goals to provide you with the best and most innovative solutions that deliver you the results that you are looking for.

Our Commitment To You

Delivering Engaging Experiences

We at PaPaYaQatar strive to deliver you WordPress solutions that for awe and designed for speed and performance. With our knowledge and know-how, we employ cutting-edge front-end technology to provide enjoyable and user-friendly experiences that convert your visitors into buyers, which drives you to increase your business. , we offer solutions that can be described as the pinnacle of excellence in any website design. We can help your company rise above the rest and stand out from the crowd.

Flawless WordPress Connection and Control

We are a WordPress Development Company. We creatively combine the most recent developments in website design and development, together with parameters for user engagement and your needs to build an ideal digital interface for your WordPress site. Our in-house dedicated VPS servers provide you with the highest level of control, designed to be fast and have the latest security features. We guarantee you will experience smooth and high-quality hosting for your WordPress website as never before.

You Envision, We Create

No matter the magnitude or scope of your undertaking, Our team is ready to support you. We'll turn all of your WordPress needs for development into reality. We can guarantee it. Let us know your requirements and preferences. Specifications to our team will be integrated into your plan to ensure 100% satisfaction.

WordPress Website Design & Development Services

A leader in WordPress development company, PaPaYaQatar is firmly determined to provide the most complete WordPress web user experience. Our approach is to provide our clients with custom and full-scale solutions for their needs. Through the combination of proven methodologies with innovation, flexibility, and creativity, we can offer you high-quality solutions for your business at a reasonable cost that ensures your total satisfaction.


PSD to WordPress

We provide specific PSD conversion services—WordPress theme conversion solutions. We at PaPaYaQatar have the experience to transform your PSD quickly to a cross-browser-friendly, SEO-friendly and compliant WordPress theme.

Hand-coded error-free 100 per cent markups let us deliver your customers a structured and functional website compliant with W3C standards. W3C standards. Because we provide an open-source website, your users can browse it on any device at any time, and anywhere they’d like and thus enjoy an unparalleled web surfing experience.

Theme Customization

You can make the WordPress theme custom-designed and branded to match the brand’s identity through us. Our WordPress theme design services seek to aid your company’s site in effectively communicating your company’s image and differentiating itself from the rest of the competition. We accomplish this by adjusting themes that reflect your company’s needs using the most effective techniques and tools.

We offer solutions that can be flexible and compelling to build a powerful image for your company within the world of digital. We ensure that we align the requirements of your business, goals and the elements that influence the market’s current trends.

Theme Customization
Plugin Development

Plugin Development

Enhance your site’s performance by utilising the WordPress plugin Development potential. The plugin development we offer allows you to incorporate specific features into your website to improve performance. It could be a minor enhancement to your website, but they are highly effective.
We at PaPaYaQatar can offer you high-quality, user-friendly, seamless search engine-friendly, bug-free plugins that work with most variations of WordPress themes. If the WordPress theme is the gravity that attracts site visitors, plugins keep them engaged. And that is what you can expect from us.

Hire WordPress Developers

From customized WordPress theme development to conversion and plugin support, Our team of WordPress Developers has expertise in all. Therefore, whether you require the most advanced web design or a primary blog with appealing plugins, we’re there to provide you with total satisfaction.

A perfect blend of our years of experience, expertise, access to the most up-to-date technology, and creative flair allows us to offer you WordPress solutions that could propel your company to greater heights while giving you a long-lasting competitive advantage.

3rd Party Plugin Customization

This service allows you to send submissions to a third-party service like a CRM. It provides filters and hooks for the post-processing of results. You can send emails separately or attach additional results to them. It allows you to make a remote request to a service URL, thus passing along remapped form submission values.

WordPress Ecommerce Solutions

In WordPress eCommerce services, our team is proud that we are the most reputable selection. We have the expertise to create businesses for shopping websites. From design and development to hosting, we can offer you a whole online shopping experience that will improve your website’s traffic, sales customers, retention of customers, and return on investment as never before. In simple terms, we will give you powerful e-commerce frameworks that include everything required to expand your online company efficiently.

WordPress Responsive Web Design

Profit from the benefits of WordPress responsive design solutions to build an easy-to-use and fluid website designed to work with different platforms and devices like desktops, mobiles, and other technology. Make the most of the current technology by offering users the same experience and interface for your users across different devices without additional costs on the cost of your project. Furthermore, reap positive ROI over a short time.

We can not only add the responsive style of the new WordPress site, but if you have an existing website that you want to redesign to make it responsive and functional, we’ll be able to assist in that as well. We can help you to transform your website to be responsive.

Payment Gateway Integration

If your site has customers making purchases online and transactions, you’ll want to incorporate a payment processor included on your website. It is the area on your site where transactions may be conducted. Like cashier’s counters, your website takes care of the transaction instead of performing the transaction in person.

We are a group of skilled developers for payment gateways who can seamlessly integrate payment gateway solutions, including Auth.net, PayPal, Stripe and Braintree, to your site and make it simple and secure for your users to conduct online transactions on your WordPress site.

Page Speed Optimization


Page Speed Analysis

Using GT Metrix and google page speed


Server Level Optimization

Apache, MySQL, cache management
Implement Gzip Compression


Frontend Level Optimization

Js, css minifyFix
404 Errors in frontend level optimization
Image Optimization-- New image format using .webp


Back end level optimization

Upgrade all plugins
Identify all the plugin which is not in use and w remove it.


Using CDN- Content Data Network

CDN's distribute your website's assets around the globe. By distributing content the push it physically closer to your visitor. When files do not need to travel as far they get to the requester faster.

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Our Process

We follow a client-focused work approach, coupled with agility and backed by in-depth research. Here’s how we work:

Listen to Your Needs

At PaPaYaQatar, we listen to your WordPress website development needs, requirements, and goals. This gives us a clear understanding of your business goals and expectations from us.


Once we have a complete understanding of your project needs, we start the research process. Our team will review your project requirements and look for the best ways to execute your project.


Our experts will sit together to devise a cost-effective and efficient project execution plan. This will help us determine the steps needed and when the task should be completed and delivered.

Design and Develop

Our multifaceted team of experienced website designers and professional developers will work cohesively on your project to create a SEO-friendly, responsive and bug-free website.

Test and Deliver

Finally, we test the website design checking for errors and glitches. Once we are confident that your site is 100 percent error-free and fully functional, we will deliver it to you ASAP.

Our Technologies

Our Qualified Professionals Ensure the Highest Quality Service through Their Years of Expertise in Leading Web Development Frameworks

Servers Expertise


1What are the top benefits of WordPress Website Development services?

The top benefits of WordPress Website Development services include cost-effectiveness, improved security, responsive web designs, and API integrations.

2What does a WordPress development company do?

A WordPress Development company helps you achieve your goals by developing and efficiently managing a WordPress website for your business or personal use.

3Can I use WordPress for my eCommerce website?

Yes, WordPress can be used to create an eCommerce website as it offers profuse benefits through integrations and customisation options. You can make use of different available themes and plugins to get things going.

4What types of WordPress development services do you offer?

WordPress Website provides you with a complete range of WordPress development services, including WooCommerce Development, WordPress Plugin Development, WordPress SEO, WordPress API Integration, WordPress Support & Maintenance, and WordPress Security.

5Why should I prefer hiring WordPress developers from papayaqatar.com?

WordPress Website provides you with the finest WordPress Development services, and our professionals help you out with their proficient knowledge and skills.

6I already have a website. Should I consider opting for WordPress development services?

Yes, you can consider us as we provide you with optimum WordPress website development services and manage your website with utmost care. 

7Do your WordPress developers develop custom WordPress plugins & themes?

Yes, our developers can efficiently create custom WordPress plugins & themes as they promote the execution of precise design, uniformity, security, and SEO compatibility.    

We will back to you within 1-2 Hour