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We are a leading Android app development company Qatar, that has an experienced team that works to deliver innovative solutions. Our team is creative and ingenuous Android app development solutions throughout the day. There is no limit to the solutions we provide our customers, regardless of whether they require mobile or wearable applications. Top Android app developers make no effort to give you the best user experience.
We begin by meeting with our partners and making an effort to learn about our client’s goals for business before presenting the most effective solutions to their business.

android development company qatar

One-stop Destination for Top Android App Development Services

Google’s Android is at the top position on the market and will be responsible for around 85 percent of smartphone production worldwide by 2023. PaPaYaQatar is one of the most reputable android application development companies that develops custom applications for large companies and start-ups.
We are a famous full-stack, full-service, end-to-end Android App Development Company with years of expertise in the creation of successful Android apps. Our in-house team of designers, consultants, and developers has successfully developed over 100+ Android applications across the globe. We develop a broad range of Android applications (B2B, B2C, B2B, or B2B2C) that include gaming, AR/VR IOT (Internet of things) entertainment and news multimedia utility chat, shopping, ticket booking, and many others.
PaPaYaQatar uses Kotlin along with Java as the primary technology stack to create stunning and intuitive, simple-to-use applications. When we think of the best Android programmers, PaPaYaQatar is working with frameworks like Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, Ionic (LEss), PhoneGap (Old), and PhoneGap (Old) to build Native and cross-platform-based applications that work on Android as well as IOS. Our team is proficient in programming languages, including Java, HTML, Kotlin, C, C++, CSS, etc. We are proficient in the latest technologies and are able to provide top-quality android application development services that work with Android phones, Android tablets, Android TVs, Android wearable devices, and more.

Top Android App Development Company Offers a Wide Range of Services

We include a wide range of Android app development services in our lists. Let’s explore some of our top Android app development company services-

Android App Development Service

PaPaYaQatar, an Android app development company Qatar, is one of the most reputable Android app development firms in Doha, Qatar, which creates custom applications for top companies, startups, and large enterprises. From development and design to testing and maintenance, Our team is able that provide complete Android app development solutions to our customers. Utilizing the most up-to-date Android SDKs, we can create an elegant design user experience for the Android application for your business.

Tablet Android App Development Service

At PaPaYaQatar, we have an expert group of developers who have an extensive background in developing and designing features-rich Android tablet applications. Our highly skilled developers design and develop apps that are able to meet our client's needs to the very best of their capabilities.

React Native Android App Development Services

We are an exemplary Android app development company Qatar that provides top-quality service. Our team uses React Native Android mobile app development technology to create rich, robust, and useful Android applications. We will ensure you receive the most efficient Android mobile app development services that are ideal for your company.

Android Wearable App Development Service

PaPaYaQatar is one of the most popular Android mobile wearable app design and development firms for top and innovative companies. Our team strives to create Impeccable Wearable Apps which take user experience to the next level. Because our task is custom-designed and distinctive, We keep our wearable app development process personal.

Android Mobile App Design Service

We are located in Doha, Qatar; we have a group of amazing UX/UI designers who have years of experience in creating distinctive, captivating and easy mobile apps. Our team stays up to date with the most current trends in mobile app design. They ensure that they provide the best solutions for enterprise mobility that will meet the goals of the client and have an impact.

React Native Android App Development Services

Java, along with Kotlin, is considered to be the two top Android technology for developing apps. Our talented and knowledgeable Android app developers have a deep knowledge of all the outdated technologies to create the Android application you've always wanted. Create the best app using our best Android application development firm.

Different Industries We Serve

Android App Development Company Qatar
Android App Development Company Qatar

Our Android App Development Process

We provide complete end-to-end Android app development services to our clients. We handle everything from the app idea to development to the app’s
approval in the app store. Here’s the complete app development process that our team follows to create Android apps:

Why should you hire dedicated Android app developers?

If you want a quick delivery of your project at a nominal charge, it would be a great idea to hire professional Android Developers. They can focus on your project entirely and deliver you faster results.

Why choose us for your Android App Development service?

There are many Android app development firms across the world. It's evident that you're probably thinking about why you should choose us to handle your Android application development task. Here are the most important reasons that distinguish us from the rest:

100% Transparency

We provide complete visibility with our clients to keep them updated about the project progress during the entire development cycle.

Technical Support

We have a technical support team that helps you solve all your queries and doubts with an appropriate solution to your problem and give a seamless experience.

more than 10 Years of experience

Being one of the top Android app development company in Qatar. We have a team of experienced Android app developers who are experts with Android development frameworks.

3-month Support After Delivery

We make sure to provide each client with 3-month support after the delivery of the project. If they face any problems or issues, they can talk to us and get immediate solutions.

Flexible Hiring Models

At PaPaYaQatar, We provide customized hiring models, allowing you to hire Android developers on a monthly, part-time, hourly, or fixed-cost basis as per your business requirement.

FAQ's - Top Android App Development Company

1Question 1: Do you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your clients?

Ans :Yes, definitely. We always sign a non-disclosure agreement with all the clients. You can entirely rely on our company to keep your idea safe and private.

2Question 2: Why should I hire an Android app developer from PaPaYaQatar mobile app development company, Qatar?

Ans :We have a team of Android app developers or designers who possess six years of experience. Additionally, they have successfully built over 400+ Android app solutions for numerous brands, large enterprises, and startups.

3Question 3: Will you support me in uploading my mobile app on the Google Play store?

Ans : Yes, of course. We take the complete responsibility to upload your Android application on the Google Play Store. It is a part of our end-to-end Android app development solution offering.

4Question 4: Which Technologies do you use to develop an Android App?

Ans :To develop an Android app, we make use of Kotlin/Java, XML for Designing as a programming language, Android Studio, Android SDK, and Android NDK as Tools & IDE and SQLite & Realm as database.

5Question 5: Can I choose the developers of my own choice?

Ans :Yes. We allow our customers to choose the developers of their own choice. We will share CVs of our best Android app developers with you. You can interview them one by one on any video conferencing platform, including Skype, zoom, etc. and select the one you feel best for your android app project.

6Question 6: What are the top benefits of building Android apps?

Ans : Here, are some of the following top benefits of Android App Development:

  • - Open-source
  • - Multiple Network Distribution
  • - A straightforward app approval process
  • - Easy integration
  • - Easy to adopt
  • - Low Investment & High ROI
  • - Customizable UI
  • - Offers great security
7Question 7: Will I be getting regular updates from you?

Ans : Definitely, Yes. Our company will assign you a project manager who will keep updates with you about your daily progress report. You can also contact our project developers via Skype or email and know about your project.

8Question 8: Do you allow flexible hiring models?

Ans :Yes, at PaPaYa , Qatar you are free to get different hiring options, including fixed, hourly, dedicated and on-site team hiring models. We will suggest the one that best suits your project requirements.

9Question 9: Do I own the ownership and the code of my android application?

Ans : Obviously, yes. As the ownership and code of your mobile app and software will belong to you so, we have no authority on the code of your app. however, if you want a partnership with us on the project, we will offer you other options.

10Question 10: Java or Kotlin - which language you prefer for Android app development?

Ans : We can use both of the languages to develop Android apps. However, we prefer Kotlin more over java for android projects as java has some security issues and feature limitations.