Multi Branches Laboratory Management System

 LIMS is an integrated website and mobile application to manage the medical laboratories system, as it fulfills all the needs of medical laboratories from all their professional aspects, as it allows the users of the system the results of medical tests and facilitates communication and cooperation between laboratory employees and extracts all the required reports from the laboratory. Patients can follow up test reports, lab branches, and submit a home visit request.

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What to expect from Laboratory Management System ?




Medical Reports



Overview of Features


A comprehensive dashboard Laboratory statistics, Useful statistical graphs,monitoring online users and patients, view today scheduled home visits.

Multi Branch

Manage multiple branches data, seperate branches, Assigning branches to users, Switching between lab branches .


Manage Patients ,Create patients profile ,select contract to patient ,add avatar photo to patient profile, import and export patients.

Referral Doctors

Manage doctors referrals .create referral doctors profile,Managing referral doctors commissions .import and export doctors


Qucik creation and editing of patients ,select tests,pakages,printing invoice ,printing working papers,send invoices via email & whastapp


Create Barcodes .printing barcodes ,bulk prinitng barcodes

Medial Reports

Enter test results ,Electronic singanture, printing medical reports, sending reports via email and whatsapps.upload manual reports,


Create tests, Multiple test components, referable ranges, selectable report comments assign products comsumption .


Cultures management, selectable report comments. Assign products consumption from the inventory antibiotics database.


Create and manage packages ,quick update tests ,cultures and packages price list import and export price list .

Home Visits

Manage home visits ,managing patients home visit request ,generate home visit invoices .


Manage Contracts , create contract with special prices and discounts,manage contract prices .

Accounting Module

Dynamic expenses catogories ,dynamic payment methods ,expenses management

Roles & Users

Manage roles and assign permissions ,manage system users data, assign roles to users ,assign branches to users.

Inventory Module

Suppliers management ,products management ,purchase management, manage transfers between branches ,manage stock alerts .


intergrated with most popular sms gateways ,nexmo,twilio,infobib change sms notification


Get a detailed report on each aspect of the Project, Sales, HR, and Pre-sales

Multiple languages

Available in Multiple languages


A user-friendly RTL experience for the customers using Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu-like languages.

Payment gateways

Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate, Paymentwall


Manage whatsapp notification ,intergrated with whatsapp api


Chat between laboratory users. That facilitates and speed up cooperation between system users .

The Stunning Dashboard

LIMS has the most comprehensive dashboard with all the essential details under one head. We all can agree that dashboards have made our lives easier. Well, from every minute detail like total Patients, Users, Invoices, tests,inventory and items, you can get quantitative data in the most simple layout. You get an overview of Estimates, Invoices, top due Payments, Projects, and Tasks to take timely actions. Get a reminder of home visit Schedules, Expiring stocks, Weekly Events, and new patients as you scroll down. Lastly, a Pie Chart can help you understand various project statuses. In short, every activity of your business can be handled through this useful tool.


Create medical tests, multiple test components, and assign patients to tests. The test results will be available on the patient portal and it will be possible to update the results through emails or WhatsApp. Invoices can be paid in cash or through online payment methods. Assign product conception from the inventory, which helps to track the stock. A doctors’ reference is available to calculate the doctors’ earnings and payouts. management of available cututres, culture options management, antibiotics database management, export and import of test results.


Using our LIMS, you can create patients, patient profiles, patient histories and statistics.After collecting samples, you can create predefined tests for patients. You can create an account.This will be stored in a database for future use too. You can feed patients.cuture, antibiotic use, referral doctors. Create invoices and send them to patients via email.The test results are also available on the patients’ portal and can be sent via Whatsapp directly from the LIMS dashbord.Patients can pay for test payments through the online payment gateway or with cash.A mobile app is also available for patients.

LIMS Module Management

Manage various aspects of sales like sending Invoices, making Payments, managing Expenses, and Credit Notes in a single tool. You can create new invoices and edit existing ones. Add new products and receipts to existing Invoices, edit Payments and Products. Resend the Invoices, send the payment reminders and print the Invoices simply through a click. Similarly, you can manage Payments, Expenses, and Credit Notes with the utmost ease. All in all, keep all your sales fears at bay.








Track Expenses


Home Visit

Test Packages




SMS Gateway

Chat with Patients

Admin and Patient Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Android IOS available for both admin and Patients wich syc with LIMS backend

Purchase LIMS Software

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  • Admin Mobile App
  • Patient Mobile App


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QAR 25000
  • Admin Mobile App
  • Patient Mobile App
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