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Skincare is synonymous to transformation, supremacy,breakthrough, and that is what Charismatix’s attributes comprise of.
In the era of unprecedented competition, Charismatix was born out of a cohesive standpoint that every individual has a distinctive charisma that could stand out in the crowd with
the aid of our founder’s and alliances’ expertise. The emblematic logo defines how we aim to ensure that your charisma, through our revolutionary techniques, shall strike as the
lightning. The glow and aphroditic beauty that captivates the eye of the beholder. With more rosettes for sublime, hypoallergenic,effective and highly recommended skincare solutions,
this is the place to go for beauty electricals. Charismatix houses the internationally-renowned brands from France, USA,Australia, Brazil to name a few, and persistently increasing its
impeccable portfolio of innovative and first-line beauty brands to serve the multiplex need of clientele from the territory of Qatar and extending our services to GCC countries.


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