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Website Redesign - Is It Worth It?

Did you know most visitors leave a website because of poor User Interface or old-fashioned web design  You will have less than 10 seconds to make an impression on your visitor before they decide if they want to stay longer or hit the back button and go visit someone else’s web page. And if you’re a business owner in Qatar and your website is not helping bring people in, your website design might be actually hurting your bottom line rather than helping it. We can help you with your website redesign and give it the face lift that you’ve been planning.

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Web Design Companies qatar


Your website might be working fine, is it looking up to date? How does it compare to that of your competitors? Nowadays, with all the options that your visitors have, the appearance of your website is among the most important aspects of presenting your website. We are one of the leading web development company in Qatar who can help you with your website redesign and give it the face lift that you’ve been planning but haven’t gotten around to yet. With years of web development experience in Qatar, our satisfied customers are proof to the quality of our work.

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Search Result

It can help your website get a better ranking on organic search results.

High page speed

By the way, 49% of visitors abandon the web page if takes more than 2 seconds to load

Visitor to Client

It can improve user experience, which can result in more conversions from visitor to client.

Web Design Companies Qatar


If you wait too long to redesign your website, you will start to lag behind the competition. Here’s how you can know for sure it’s time for a new website.

  • How easy is it to find something ?
  • How does it compare to other sites ?
  • Does your website bring value to the customers ?
  • Have you had the same site for the past 3 years ?
  • Is it search engine friendly ?
  • Is your Website Mobile Friendly ?

You should consider all of these questions in order to decide if you need a website redesign. Even great companies like Nike and Coca-Cola are constantly changing their website. The bottom line is: If your site is not bringing you new customers, or customers are leaving frustrated, its time for you to update your site.


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