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PaPaYa’s Cloud Restro Pro is the best restaurant management system with a website and mobile application hosted in the cloud. The restaurant management system will help to kickstart your restaurant business. You need a business plan and management system to accelerate your restaurant business. You do not need previous experience or single coding knowledge to handle this restaurant management software. You can give this responsibility to papaya, we have created a cost-effective software for you so that your restaurant billing software or restaurant POS software work together.

Website + Customer

Admin Portal

Online POS + Counter

Staff Panel

Kitchen Panel

Waiter Panel

What is Restaurant Management System?

Restaurant Management System (RMS) is a versatile software that is a type of point-of-sale (POS) software. It will make your restaurant operation system easy and automated. This is an application that you can use as a computer application or server-based web application or mobile application. It can be used for any type of food business such as restaurants, hotels, bars, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, bistros, delivery businesses, homemade or online restaurant business, etc. It will manage everything from your account billing to staff management and keep the data secure.

Benefits of Restaurant Management System

  • Able to track your orders and sales – Account management
  • Accurate, real-time financial statements and data will be available very quickly
  • You can do staff management according to schedule – Human resource management
  • Able to manage inventory – Food management
  • Easy system for customer relationship management
  • All in one software – Admin, kitchen, waiter, user all panel in a system, reservation system, purchase system
  • Complete process management system – order taking to delivery monitor
  • Easy payment system
  • Easy marketing solution – SMS & coupon, etc.
  • Online ordering platform
  • Responsive website and mobile application system

Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant point-of-sale or POS software is a vital component for managing the restaurant order. RestoPro POS will make your business easier to manage your dine-in, walking order, online order and third party food order.

Order Management System

An order management system is the most important feature of any restaurant management software. For this reason, RestoPro has an effective order management feature that helps to manage orders of customers.

Production Management System

To manage all your products RestoPro has a dynamic product management system named Production. Using this software, you can manage your production system properly.

Purchase Management System

Purchase is very important for your business. For managing the purchase, RestoPro has an exciting feature. In the restaurant business, the purchase will happen at any time.


The dashboard is a very important part of any software. To bring all the necessary information about your business to your fingertip, we make an outstanding dashboard. You will get the list Orders, Recervation, sales, etc .

Real-time Reports

Report creation is very important for a company. But it burns too much time. On the other hand, this software has an excellent feature that helps to create real-time reports. Also, it can generate accurate and error-free reports.

Table Reservation

Table reservation is a very important factor for any restaurant management system. Traditionally, if a customer wants to book a table, he or she may need to call the helpline and book the table. Here user can book table using app and website .

Account Management

Account management is very important for any business. In this software, that has an account management feature for performing account-related tasks easily and accurately. Here you can do all your account related work very smoothly.

Human resources management System

An HR management system is one of the difficult challenges of all businesses. When you start a restaurant business, you must have to maintain human resources management properly.

Restaurant Table Management System

The positions of tables are a very important thing. Because the beauty of a restaurant depends on it. In this software, there is a feature that can help you place the tables in the right position

Unit & Ingredient

Using this software, you can find your restaurant unit measurements and Ingredients details that are used in your food.Which food contains how much ingredients you will find out very easily. All you need to do is update your ingredient list .

Attractive Front-end View

In this software, there are attractive front-end web views. It attracts more and more customers. When any customer visits your website, then it will create a wonderful impression for your restaurant management system.

Desktop Application & Offline POS

Since this software is a Python based desktop application. Therefore you can manage order from your desktop or laptop or PC; with or without internet efficiently. In the offline mode this application syncs data to the database whenever it gets the internet connection. So now you don’t have to worry about the internet connection or data synchronization. For using Restopro on a desktop, you will need a web version of Restopro. Because it is not a self-sustaining system. You will find the following features,

  • Place Orders
  • Manage Online order.
  • Create Invoice.
  • Print Invoice.
  • Online Data synchronization.

Addons: Purchase According To Your Needs

To enhance some extra facilities in your restaurant, you can fulfill your desire need by purchasing some of our best addons mentioned below

Mobile App

Android POS App

Get a more flexible system by integrating this Android POS App and it allows the users to operate the entire system from anywhere and anytime.

Desktop App

Desktop/ Offline Version

With the desktop/ offline version addon, you can easily place the order with or without the Internet, create or print invoices, and automatically synchronize all kinds of data.

QR Code Scanner

With the QR code scanner addon, you can easily update all the orders, digitally access the full menu, order anything without contacting any waiter direct from Dine In.

Multiple Printer Setting App

Save your time and resources by integrating the printer setting app because it will support multiple printers with your system.

WhatsApp Order & Chat

Integrating WhatsApp with the system, you can easily take orders directly from the customer using the website and chat with customers too.

Loyalty Program

Give points to your favorite customers. Make them valuable members of your restaurant, and give them VIP services and exciting discounts.

Shift Management system

Automatically set, record, and manage all of your employees' check-in, check-out, or shifting time.

Taste Habit Program

Track and record customer’s food habits by noting their chosen habits and always serve each customer accordingly.

Waste Management system

Manage waste, broken goods, and scraps of your restaurant. And also, alert you to minimize wastage.

Advanced Tax / VAT Setting

These addons will help you to manage and set tax or VAT according to your country’s system.

Customer App

Customer App

Nowadays online shopping is very popular. With a fast delivery service, the food is also available online. Resto Pro also has an app to take orders online. The customers with this app will get the features below:

  • Place order
  • Check menu
  • Reserve a table
  • Find offers
  • Make favorite food list
  • Check order list
  • available in both android and IOS.
Waiter App

Waiter App

A smart restaurant needs smart technology. In this software, there is an app for the waiter. So, using this app, a waiter can perform these:

  • Take orders
  • List of pending order
  • Get notification for new online order
  • List of processing order
  • Graphical order history
  • List of complete order
  • Graphical amount history
  • Order receiving system
  • List of cancel order
Kitchen App

Kitchen App

You can communicate with the kitchen through this app. The features of Resto Pro kitchen app is:

  • Get orders form admin or waiter
  • Accept orders
  • Food status notification

If the admin or waiter sends a request for food to the kitchen, then the users of the kitchen app will accept the order. After that, they can update the food status to processing. After the food is ready to serve. The user updates the status to complete.

Purchase Resto Pro Software

Below, we have offered you the world’s best combo packages ever, so that you can fulfill your desire at an affordable price. Added with 6-month support and installation service absolutely free.


Made for starters
QAR 5000
  • Website
  • Web App With Source Code
  • Desktop/Offline Version(.exe)
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Customer App, Waiter App,
  • Kitchen App (Without Source Code)
  • Multi-Printer Setting App (.exe)
  • Android POS (Without Source Code)


Made for experienced users
QAR 6500
  • Website
  • Web App With Source Code
  • Desktop/Offline Version(.exe)
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Customer App, Waiter App,
  • Kitchen App (Without Source Code)
  • Multi-Printer Setting App (.exe)
  • Android POS (Without Source Code)


Made for professionals/agencies
QAR 15000
  • Website
  • Web App With Source Code
  • Desktop/Offline Version(.exe)
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Customer App, Waiter App,
  • Kitchen App (Without Source Code)
  • Multi-Printer Setting App (.exe)
  • Android POS (Without Source Code)


Made for professionals/agencies
QAR 20000
  • Website
  • Web App With Source Code
  • Desktop/Offline Version(.exe)
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Customer App, Waiter App,
  • Kitchen App (Without Source Code)
  • Multi-Printer Setting App (.exe)
  • Android POS (Without Source Code)
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